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Fiber Vs Copper

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  • Fiber Vs Copper

    I need to know the differences between Fiber or UTP (copper) in additions to these differences that
    - Fiber can provide long distance than copper
    - Fiber can not be affected by EMI , where copper affected
    - Fiber gives more bandwidth than copper.

    is there are any other differences between fiber and copper in terms of performance.

    for example:
    if I need to connect an edge switch to a core switch(backbone) is that will differ if i make the connection between both switches copper or fiber. if there is no EMI and the distance less than 50 meter.


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    Q: What is the definition of Fiber Optics and what are its advantages over copper wire?
    A: Fiber Optics refers to the concept of transmitting information, in the form of light, through cable fibers composed of highly purified glass or plastic, clad in a reflective coating. This allows the light beam to travel the length of the cable by bouncing off the reflective sides of the fiber.

    The advantages of a Fiber Optic system are:

    Information carrying capacity is greatly increased, while overall size and weight of the cable is greatly reduced.

    Information can be transmitted at a much higher speed over long distances.

    Security is increased because information is transmitted in the form of light through a non-conductive media (glass), whereas, electricity traveling through wires can be tapped by an outside agent, or accidentally pick up transmissions from other sources of electro-magnetic radiation.

    in addition fiber does not affected from magnetic fields
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