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  • 2 routers ....

    hello !
    I have 2 lan in local :
    one router with internet ( / mask
    10 computers with adress : 192.168.0.x with gateway :

    And :
    One other router with / mask
    and 5 computers with 172.17.2.x / mask

    my question is :
    How to have internet connection for 172.17.2.x computers?
    without install an other ethernet card.
    I would like to do that with RIp but i don't know how it works.
    can you discribe me how to do that ?


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    It depends on the router you have. A midrange router should be able to do this by allowing you to map a Public IP to the private IP of both networks. Meaning- Public IP #1= and Public IP #2=

    The router needs this ability, if not, you could front end the internet router with a switch/hub and get a second router. Attach both routers to the hub and assign the Public/static IP addresses as needed.

    Good Luck