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2 Nics in one computer

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  • 2 Nics in one computer

    Hi All,

    I've one computer with two nics, the first nic is connecting the computer to one type of network and everything works fine that way. I wanted to connect another nic in order to radmin the computer (Can't be done due to remote access restrictions in the first network).
    Both nics has diff ip address, gw and so on.
    Problem is that when I'm enabling the second nic, the apps that the computer is running start to look for ip address which exists in the 1st network in the 2st network instead of the 1st network.

    Is there anyway to define that app X will use Y nic and so on ? Or is there anyway to control this from address pov ? 192.x.x.x will use nic 2.... ?

    Thanks in advanced,

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    There is no way to define which NIC an app uses (generally anyway, but some apps you can).

    What IP address' have you got setup on your NIC's, they should be in different subnets or else you will have this problem.

    Also ensure that your 1st NIC is at the top of the binding order, and that the 2nd NIC does not have a default gateway specified.

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      For the help...
      Any place I can find some reading about network binding ?

      I've remove the 2st nic's gw so now everything works just fine, (funny tough it worked with the previous setting for almost two weeks without any problems).