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    I've got a Sonicwall firewall with NAT implemented. I setup a web server and got the site live on the internet but when I try to connect to the site from the LAN I get a page cannot be displayed message, or a blank page. Any ideas?

    The server is SBS 2003, the sit is the Remote Web Workplace. It works fine connecting from anywhere but the LAN, where I have to use the http://servername to connect instead of the FQDN.


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    You will need to add a DNS entry for your local website FQDN in your local DNS server.

    What is happening is that when a local request using the FQDN is sent to the local DNS, the DNS does a look up and says that 'this is in my local domain' and provides the local IP address. The website is set for the FQDN/Public IP and the local request will not be served.

    Does that help?