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AOL Changing Their Servers?

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  • AOL Changing Their Servers?

    I've been having loads of problems with the internet recently, like i have to reset the router 3 times to get a connection.
    It isn't the router as i have tested it on another connection, and its not my computer because all of the computers in my house have difficulty connecting.
    ISP info is: AOL 2MB Broadband (Slow as hell!!)
    Router info is: Belkin ADSL G+ Mimo.
    I have googled and found nothing on the matter.
    1.6GHz Intel Celeron, Overclocked to 2GHz
    1GB RAM
    40GB HDD
    128MB Intel Graphics
    3x USBs
    3GHz AMD Phenom x3 (overclocked)
    4GB RAM
    2X 500GB HDDs
    a 512MB ATi Radeon of some description (cant remember lol)
    X - Fi Soundblaster pro sound card
    5X Cold Cathode Case Lights
    12X USBs

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    Re: AOL Changing Their Servers?

    Have you spoken to them and has your telephone line been tested?
    Does it only happen at certain times?

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      Re: AOL Changing Their Servers?

      I'm tempted to say that if you use AO(hel)L you deserve everything you get, but that really wouldn't be fair, would it

      IMHO have a look at another ISP -- Plus Net are (again IMHO) a good one if you are a techy.
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        Re: AOL Changing Their Servers?

        Have you tried a diffrent router? The router locking up would suggest a local issue rather than aol's systems. What router did they supply? You should have a go with that then move onto shouting at them if it does it on both.

        I've had some good belkins and some really bad ones in the past, tend to find linksys (older models) more stable.

        Sometimes the routers arn't compatable with the DSLAMS at the exchange end hence suggestion above (diff chipset is best!).