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ISA 2004 - mail flow

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  • ISA 2004 - mail flow

    Good day
    we've set up ISA 2004 on server 2000, we are connected via adsl to the net with telkom adsl router ( south africa ).
    so the setup looks like this: incomming line - Router ( )
    ISA external ( )
    ISA internal ( ) and rest of internal network
    mail is hosted by isp ( [email protected] )
    and our internal domain is ( )
    we are not using exchange cause of no domain ect , so pop3 the mail

    on isa everything works well ( not affected by rules )
    but on client machines is where the trouble starts >
    you can browse the net fine but cannot send or recieve mail from outlook 2003.
    did make a rule that is suppose to allow all but ...
    any help will be apreciated

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    Have you tried the basics of pinging the mail servers from the ISA server and then from the clients?

    Try to verify that the mail ports are open through ISA, it sounds like they are locked down. Can you do a nslookup from the clients?

    Sorry about the questions------


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      Yes have tried all basics. Can do everything from ISA (mail, internet, etc), but cannot do mail, nslookup from client. Cannot ping mail server from client either (it looks as if the address gets resolved but still we recieve a request timeout). Have created a rule that allows everything from inside to outside.



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        It still sounds like the ISA server is the problem. I will think on this one for awhile but try this:

        Can you take a workstation and out it on the outside of the ISA server? This will verify if the client is working.

        Good Luck!


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          good day thanx
          did not put pc on outide , my co worker found a document and that seems to solve the prob.
          add static dns entry in own dns server for isa - remove register nic in dns for internal nic as well
          was a bit odd only used to take that off external nic , but well works fine now
          all other rules were left unchanged
          thank you for replies