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Load balancing two Draytek 2820 routers

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  • Load balancing two Draytek 2820 routers

    Anyone tried this before?.

    I have two draytek 2820 adsl routers. Both plugged into separate adsl lines. I want to load balance these so that for instance http traffic goes out through router b, ftp through router b.

    I have got the load balancing working. But for some reason clients cant connect to the internet. I have been told i have to enable dhcp on both routers. But if i do this it causes conflicts.

    do I have to set both routers on different ranges?. The below is how i have them set at present.

    router A
    router B

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    Re: Load balancing two Draytek 2820 routers

    Looking at the date, I have to ask is this a serious question or a joke?
    How are you supposed to get FTP traffic using one Gateway and HTTP through the other? With this setup you would need to create 2 IP ranges and one range (a set of computers) would only send FTP files and the other range HTTP.

    You can not have 2 Gateways. You could try it with a Dual Wan Router that is designed to load balance. Tou may then be able to setup a rule to Port Forward FTP to 1 Wan port and HTTP to the other. Each Wan Port would be connected to a different MODEM/ADSL line.
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