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2 dsl connections

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  • 2 dsl connections

    Dear memebrs,
    I have ISA server 2006 on windows server 2003 machine and i have 2 DSL connections of 2 different companies. one of 2 MB, other is of 256 KB. i m using 2 mb dsl connection.

    i have 2 questions:
    1. i want to use both of these 2 connections at same time. how?
    2. i want to use second connection in case of firstconnection/ link down. how?

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    Re: 2 dsl connections

    unsure how to do it through the server itself.

    But you could try getting a dual wan router instead, it will load balance the connection for you.
    Something on the lines of:

    Or Cisco router, but they are more exp.

    Sonicwall's do this as well.

    Just some thoughts on the server side of things.
    If you have two eth connections.
    Then you would need to config your DHCP to set the DNS entries accordingly and gateway (your two nics).
    Then the clients would be able to connect to one and if its down then it will jump to the next.