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SITECOM ROUTER WL-122: lost password HELP!!!!

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  • SITECOM ROUTER WL-122: lost password HELP!!!!

    Hi everyone,

    i own a sitecom wl122 wireless router. i have some trouble with it cause i have no access to the router configuration. Someone probably entered my connection and have changed the pword.

    Can someone help me on how to reset the router and get back the default password to access?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Manual is available from here.

    The Reset button is on the back of the device between the power socket and WAN port.

    To Clear All Data and restore the factory default values:
    Hold the Reset Button down for more as 10 seconds.
    Release the button
    After every LED has flashed more than one time the Access Point is active again.
    It may take up to a minute to reconnect to the clients.

    Default IP:
    Username is left blank (ie. there is no username)
    Default password: sitecom
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      Thanks a lot !

      Solved the problem this morning


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        Most networking devices have a reset, when things dont seem to work, hit the reset, and be prepared to re-configure...

        Most ISP's supply modems, or have technicians that know the modems farily well, and can help you configure them over the phone, the better ISP's also allow connection to multiple computers, and therefore can help you with this kind of setup as well.



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          thanks a lot to everyone,

          i finally solved my problem