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Need help with Speedtouch 585v6 set up

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  • Need help with Speedtouch 585v6 set up

    Hi There,

    I have a knotty problem.

    I have 2 WAN links. These are connected to my firewall via a load balancing router.

    This router is responsible for routing the traffic across both of the WAN links. In order for the load balancer to deal with traffic it has to be responsible for the WAN IP ranges on both links. The load balancer will handle NAT and will transfer all request from it's public interface to it's LAN interface.

    Effectively I just need to use the devices on the end of the links as modems. This works fine for WAN 2 (Netgear D834G). This doesn't work for WAN 1 - where is the speedtouch 585v6 provides the modem link. I suppose what should be happening is that the link on WAN 1 should be a bridge. I've set up the Speedtouch so that it is in non-NAT mode (whcih presumably is the correct one). However I am not able to get any webserver to access the public IPs on WAN 1.

    The route from WAN 1 to the webserver would look something like this:

    Internet -> Speedtouch -> LB router -> Firewall -> Webserver


    WAN 1 and 2 are provided by different ISPs (for fault tolerance).
    I can get the webserver to talk to the internet over WAN 2.

    I am completely puzzled and I am struggling to find anyone who understands where the problem is. The ISP for WAN 1 (Demon) are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

    Can anyone help?

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    Re: Need help with Speedtouch 585v6 set up

    Whilst I agree with you about Demon (don't get me started an them and their "service" ) those Thomson Speedtouch routers are rubbish. I was provided one by my new ISP and whilst it does work it has so many weird quirks and features that I gave it up and bought a Linksys.

    Anyhoo, I did get mine to work in bridge mode a while back. I've got SBS Premium in the house and wanted it in bridge mode so that the external NIC of the SBS box had the WAN IP on it.

    This link should give you the info you want. It's been reported as working on both BeBoxes and standard Speedtouches. Whether or not this will help I don't know, getting the Speedtouch to let OWA be published was impossible for me. I eventually found a way using the CLI rather than the web interface, and then it stopped working for no reason so I replaced it.
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