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  • Broadband Disconnections

    I am conducting a survey through a local Arts forum asking if others have problems with Broadband disconnections as I do with Orange. Perhaps someone could please comment of this excuse provided by our local UK BT given to someone who emailed this to me.


    I am with BTINTERNET, BT technician advised me to disconnect router when not using it, he said it's on the line and need to completely unplug the router at the plug to clear it. It works but has to be done quite regularly. I suspect it's a fault on the land line.

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    Re: Broadband Disconnections

    Considering this is an international Forum I think your question would get better results if posted on a UK based site instead.
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      Re: Broadband Disconnections

      Thanks I agree which is why I am conducting a survey in a local Arts Forum.

      But I was asking if there is any validity in our BT instructing one of the local guys to

      ' disconnect router when not using it, he said it's on the line and need to completely unplug the router at the plug to clear it. '



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        Re: Broadband Disconnections

        There is some too a certain extent. Is the line provided by BT as well? You can request a line check.

        Also, are you using an extension for the broadband? If you are, ISPs can blame it on that. The only way to then test is to move the router to the main incoming line.

        It will be worth testing with another ADSL filter.

        I must admit, it shouldn't happen that often and you shouldn't have to turn it off when not in use. That defeats the object of broadband as oppose to dial-up, or one of them anyway. However, occasionally, a router needs to be rebooted to resolve an issue.

        And of course, BT owns the infrastructure anyway, so either way, if it is a line issue, it is a problem between the local BT exchange and your premises. The quality and reliability of the broadband may also depend on the distance from the local exchange.

        I have had a similar problem before with BT. One of my clients has 3 BT ADSL lines and one went faulty. They were certain it was something our end. However, 2 were still working and the other not. I tested the router used on the failed line on the working
        one, first changing the username and password, and it worked. I tested with another ADSL filter as well. It was an Exchange issue at BT. They made an effort to send an engineer to investigate.

        Hope this was what you were looking for to get to the bottom of the issue.
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          Re: Broadband Disconnections

          Thank you very much V

          I will pass a copy or your post onto him