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Alcatel 510 problem

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  • Alcatel 510 problem

    Hi i have Alcatel 510 v4 received from bezeq .
    I have one pc connected with a lan directly to the modem
    windows xp sp1

    After installing the cd received the lan received ip 169.X.X.X
    The modem connects fine. through using broadband (xp wizard)

    The problem is that the computer services are delayed when booting the computer approxtimatly 2 minutes .

    What causes this problem ?

    I have tried to put the lan in and delay problem is not occuring but sometimes the modem doesn't respond (error in opening a port)

    Is there a way to connect the modem with out the installation cd ? and will not cause computer services delay !

    Note: i have seen the same problem on the bezeq ECI modem !

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    Re: Alcatel 510 problem

    First of all it would be best not to use any CDs provided with Ethernet modems on WinXP. If you've installed the WOW CD, uninstall it for your own good.
    Setup your NIC to have an IP of, subnetmask and default gateway of

    If you have the same delay problem with a different modem there might be a problem with your OS.


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      Re: Alcatel 510 problem

      The Coolest, have you noticed the date this topic was posted at?