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"Modem only" mode on Netgear D834G

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  • "Modem only" mode on Netgear D834G

    I am not sure if this is the right section so apologies if not.

    I have a load balancing router that has 2 WAN links. WAN 2 comes from a 2nd supplier through a netgear D834G. In order to properly load-blance I need to give the router access to the public IPs associated with the ISP on that line. The problem I am having is that the modem's bridging ability seems to be undocumented. If I put the it in Modem+Router mode and allow the loadbalancer to establish it's link on the LAN side then all is ok however if I switch the rotuer to Modem only mode (in effect it bridges from WAN to LAN) then it stops being able to communicate with the internet - and I can't seem to contact the Netgear to check the config at that point. It's very confusing.

    I've factory reset the Netgear now so I am back to square one.

    In summary:

    WAN 2

    Internet -> public IPs -> Netgear D834G (modem+router mode) -> LAN - > Load balancer

    This works. But the load balancer cannot be used to deal with traffic coming in over the two WAN links.

    Internet -> [Netgear in Modem only mode] -> Public IPs -> load balancer

    Doesn't work. Can't communicate with the netgear, can't communicate with the internet.

    I am using v5 of the firmware.

    I've contacted the ISPs tech support who have drawn a blank and state that as they didn't supply the router for this purpose then they don't have much experience and can't help (sorry).

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    Re: "Modem only" mode on Netgear D834G

    This may help.

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