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Static IP Mapping with Fios

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  • Static IP Mapping with Fios

    What I got is Fios being installed and need to use all 5 of my static IP addresses for Different subnets.

    I need to point one of the static IP to my internal network for day to day operations and does include an array of Ports used.

    But Also need to use the other Static IP to go to different subnets.

    Reason being we stage servers here in house and they cannot talk to each other or they trip out. We do have a make shift thing in place but we lack the ability to work remotely on these systems through port 3389.

    Now I have been told we can do this with Static IP's and somethign with mapping them. But I do not know what I need in order to do this.

    Fios gave us a Westell Ultralite Series3 Model 9100em router and not sure if this piece of equipment can do what I need it to do.

    Basic out look of this... this is an example.

    ip: ----- go to 192.168.1.x subnet
    ip: ------ go to 192.168.2.x subnet
    ip:333.333.333.3 ------ go to 192.168.3.x subnet

    and so on.

    Each subnet will be using the same ports also like 3389 for remote Administration and HTTP.

    So if anyone know what I am talking about and looking for and can help me out on this it would be great.