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    I have recently read a few things about people with wireless networks not having them secure. I have a wireless network that I've had for years. It was such a pain to get it set up that I haven't touched it once it started working. Now I'm wondering if my wireless network is secure or not. How do I tell?

    I'm using a Sprint DSL 645 series modem connected to Linksys EtherFast Wireless Access Point + Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch


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    Well the most common form of wireless security is WEP. Your old access point should support this. A firmware update maybe available for it to allow you to enable WPA. But both are subject to hacking. You really need 802.1x to give you better security.

    But if it is just your laptop using the access point then it should support MAC based filtering where only the MAC address of your wireless card can use the access point. You should also turn off SSID broadcasting - again you need to check whether to your device supports this.

    To test if your access point is running any kind of security, delet you connection settings on your wireless device and see how easy it is to associate without putting in any WEP key. Then try adding the options i have recommended. Maybe others have some ideas on this.
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      You could try running Netstumbler wireless and see what it says about your network. It will tell you if you are running any encryption.