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remote desktop connection

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  • remote desktop connection

    Hi there,

    I have setup a network with a SBS server with windows 2000 clients. I want to remote desktop using windows to a 2000 machine. Does anyone out there have any idea, how to remote desktop to a win2000 pc, any settings with the SBS or win2000 machine

    Thanks in advance

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    Do you want to RD to the Clients or the SBS Server ?

    If it's the server then install Terminal Services in Remote Administration Mode on the SBS server. Then use the TS client to connect to it.

    If it's the clients then I'm not aware of any built in RD features. XP yes; 2000 no. You could use VNC which is free, you can then spy on everyone!!!

    Hope this helps.

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      Thanks topper

      It is actually the clients, VNC is ok, thanks


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        VNC is a good way, but VNC is also open-source, and therefore slightly more prone to hacking or "unwelcome visitors".

        I personally use PC Anywhere Version 10.0, which is a costly package if your using it on multiple computers, but it's definately a safer way to authenticate and access computers remotely if your willing to pay for it.



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          Originally posted by Mazda_brian
          ...I personally use PC Anywhere Version 10.0...
          Just a side note...

          PC Anywhere 10 will bork the default Windows login and Terminal Services in Windows XP/2003. If you are using either OS and MUST use PC Anywhere don't use version 10 (11 is ok) especially if you at some time in the future want to use Remote Desktop, or Terminal Services.

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            Remote Admin

            With Radmin you can work on a remote computer exactly as if you were right there at its keyboard.


            enjoy !!



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              Re: remote desktop connection

              What is the OS used in your server, if it is windows based then you can give a try to this remote access application.