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Help with Alcatel Home Speed Touch modem.

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  • Help with Alcatel Home Speed Touch modem.

    My name is Yuval Lahav, and I live and work in Italy.
    When I lived in Israel I had the Alcatel Home Speed Touch ADSL modem, which later I upgraded to the Pro version so I could use it as a router.
    Now that I live in Italy, and got my ADSL account here, I wanted to use the Alcatel modem again, but I have a problem. I must configure the connection to use a PPPoE protocol, and alas, there is no such protocol (not one that I found, at least..) in the settings of the modem. I wanted to know if I upgrade the modem again, to verion 510, will I be able to set up the new connection?


    Yuval Lahav.

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    Not sure about the ADSL settings for Italy, but I would have thought it needed to be PPPoA as usual.

    My recomendation would be to buy a dedicated router, I've had problems with Alcatel before and don't rate them highly I'm afraid.

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      For some reason (don't ask me why...), to use an ethernet router, and not a usb router, here I need PPPoE, but maybe PPPoA will do the trick, and still, the pro setting of the Alcatel don't have the possibility right now to use PPPoA and PPPoE, so... I guess I will just buy a simple router for that job... do you know of and whould like to recooment a good (and cheap) ADSL router that can work with PPPoA or PPPoE (I will use a hub to connect to all my computers).



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        Check out the Ozcableguy for router reviews. There is a good selection to read about.
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          Thanks. Grazie.
          I will check that right now.



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            You can use PPPoE with the Speedtouch Pro but then the modem is not capable to log in to the ISP automatically. You have to set a dial up connection onto your computer.
            However, if you upgrade/tweak to the 510v3 version, it can be done automatically.