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Speedtouch will not ping outside addresses

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  • Speedtouch will not ping outside addresses

    I'm using a speedtouch and everything works fine except ping, tracert etc do not work.

    If I ping outside from my PC I get timeouts

    If I ping outside from the modem itself I get no response even with 'listen=on'

    If I ping a local 10.0.0.x network address from my PC I do get responses.

    Supposedly I read that the modem will not respond to ICMP_echo requests. It will however respond to 'ping' from my PC.

    What's up? Is my ISP blocking my requests? Is it the modem? Can I fix the 'problem'

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    It sounds like the external interface does not respond to ping requests. If you can get into the setup options of the modem/router, you might see an option to allow ping requests. Even if there is one and you enable it, the ISP might still be blocking them. If the ISP is blocking them, there is nothing that you can do.


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      The router (for some reason) is stopping Tracert and possibly the firewall may have been configured to stop Ping. You get a response on 10.0.0.x because that subnet in on the nearside of the router. (ie IP address of router

      Daniel has some info on configuring your router. (Read the right sidebar for topics)

      OZ Cable Guy also has some good stuff.

      Please note you can easily stuff your router if you don'y know what you are doing. Neither this Forum or bears any responsibility if your router is made unworkable by actions resulting from information in their articles. BE--CARE--FUL!!
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