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problem with 100 aironet

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  • problem with 100 aironet

    can any help me???
    i'm usin a 1100 series cisco aironet,
    i'm not able to connect or ping to tha access point
    i could'nt get the problem solved even after resetting to the factory defaults.
    can any one guide me in this topic

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    Does your wireless card get a DHCP assigned IP address or is it static? How do you know your wireless access point is setup correctly? Can you connect to its wired connection ok? Have you setup WEP? Is it set to restrict access by MAC address?
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      Your wireless access card should have come with software that gives you features such as signal strength, etc.

      Can you see any signal from your wireless access point?

      Have you been able to connect to any other wireless access points with that wireless card?

      Does your Cisco manual mention anything about there possibly being security turned on by default that you need to configure before the W.A.P (Wireless Access Point) will allow you access, if this is the case (such as my netcomm), then you will need to adjust your wireless card settings to those security settings in order for it to allow access, otherwise it might be a silent A.P, not visable until the right setups are used.

      Let us know.