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HELP NEEDED!! Alcatel 1000 ADSL not repsonding!

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  • HELP NEEDED!! Alcatel 1000 ADSL not repsonding!


    I have an Alcatel ADSL 1000 from Bezeq.
    I went through the instructions of opening the Pro mode (actually found them on It's not the same model, but everything was similar (drv_read 2 1 b gave me 9600).

    But... unfortunately, after rebooting (I couldn't find it on the telnet, so I just switched it off and on) - only the power light comes on (after the POST). No other lights, not even the 10BaseT Eth light (cable connected and lights on the other end PC/Switch).

    I tried some factory -reset as described in Alcatel manual using manual arp's and pinging, but nada.

    Do you know if there is any factory reset other than this? any hard reset (even hardware, don't mind opening the box).

    If I don't fix it, the provider (this is a "rented" device) will charge me through the nose for a new device.

    [email protected]