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Intrusion Detection System

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  • Intrusion Detection System

    My computer, as most of yours, is setup in a LAN with an Alcatel PRO modem as a router/firewall. I have installed a program which detects port scans, on one of my machines. However when i did an online scan, the program showed nothing.

    Is this because my firewall is activated or is it because no default server is defined? What are the pro/cons of defining a def server if dat is the problem? Turning defserver to a particular machine means turning off the firewall????

    If all this is not possible, i.e. to make an intrusion detection system on one of the machines, because another possible theoretical explanation for all this is that a portscan never reaches a machine but will stop on the modem, would it be possible to "install" an intrusion detection system on the modem????

    Sorry for the quantity of questions in a single thread!!