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Alcatel STP and NAT

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  • Alcatel STP and NAT

    Hi everybody, I have a problem and I hope someone can help.
    I have an Alcatel SpeedTouch Home modified to Pro between LAN and ADSL; the connection is on the ATM provider's network running in CIP mode. I have an 8-address public IP class too (

    This is the router's configuration: default administration IP external IP connected to provider's router ( internal gateway IP

    This is the routing table:
    Destination Source Gateway Intf eth0 eth0 any eth0 any eth0 any eth0 any cip0 any loop any cip0 any eth0 any eth0
    default any cip0

    Dial-in, PPP, PPTP and Bridge are not defined.
    All runs well while I use my public IP address for the LAN's PC; however there is a lot of security problem.
    To use private IPs in the LAN, I think I need enable NAT, though I have no server to show in the Internet. The CLI manual shows whole command syntax but examples are not very useful.
    Common suggests say to use "nat enable addr= type=pat", but all I've done gives no results.
    What can I do?