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  • Dual NIC Config

    Hi All,

    Target : I want to make my IP-phone work from my home. IP phone uses an IP address ( from our office intranet.

    Current Setup:
    I have a cable connection and using a wireless router ( I have Win2K server with Dual NIC. One NIC has ip( and has a router as gateway. Another NIC having IP ( with no gateway.

    I use VPN client software to connect my server to office VPN which provide me as dynamic IP address ( After connecting via VPN i can access all my office networks which include (, the network for IP-phones.

    My Plan: My plan is to connect my server to internet using one NIC and connect to office network using VPN client software and hookup the IP phone to the second NIC.

    Problem : It does not work.

    Troublshooting: If i connect my laptop ( to the second NIC ( instead of IP-Phone. I am able to ping the both the NIC's ie(, nothing else including the router( I did enabled the IP forwarding in Registry.

    Router: -->connected to cable modem
    NIC1 : -->having router as gateway
    NIC2 :> no gateway
    VPN :> dynamic ip using VPN software
    Laptop: --> having gateway

    I know the simple workaround is to buy a VPN router and hook up the IP phone directly. This does not seems to be challenging.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.