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    My uncle, in Israel, has an Alcatel SpeedTouch Home.
    We want to have both network capability and his modem/router should log in to his ADSL line, instead of his PC.

    A) From the manual / FAQ here, it seems that this modem
    doesn't support PPPoA/PPPoE directly (PPTP?) -- that it still requires the PC client?
    (Even though it does have DHCP/NAT capabilities)

    B) Since he's need a switch/hub if it does have PPPoA, and a router
    if it doesn't have PPPoA (and can use a router with DHCP turned off if it does, as well).... there's no point in potentially ruining his modem
    by doing the Home to Pro upgrade.

    C) If a router is purchased in Israel:
    i) With the default (Israeli) configuration of the modem - does anything
    have to be done on the modem prior to using a seperate router? (I haven't looked at his settings, as I'm in the US and he's in Israel) Do we keep the PPPoE bridging mode? (if it's set) Do they set DHCP by default, that we have to turn off etc)...

    ii) If the router is purchased in Israel -- any special modes need to be selected - or just enter login/password on PPPoE (PPTP?) page? (Someone mentkioned that an Edimax router worked well and was inexpensive... Any recommendation for decent, inexpensive routers available in Israel?)

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    If you upgrade/tweag the Speedtouch Home to the 510v3 version, it can do the log in process for both, both for PPPoA and PPPoE connections. Then you only need a hub or switch instead of an extra router.