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Removing SpeedTouch 510 router system password

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  • Removing SpeedTouch 510 router system password

    I've placed a system password on my router and now it won't accept the username and password when it asks for it. I guess I must have typed the username or password incorrectly when I first created them. Is there any way I can retrieve the password and username or remove them.
    I'm a complete noob when it comes to computers so any help would be appreciated.

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    have a read of this, it's a very good guide put together on how to reset the passwords and gain control of the Modem again.

    Also, I found this in about 30 seconds by using Google and searching for "510 speedtouch reset"

    Hope this info helps.



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      That's the first info I found and it's what led me to these forums. I didn't think it applied to my router and also the “VOID WARRANTY” warning turned me off trying it.

      I’ve sent an e-mail to the manufacturers and if they can’t help I’ll try that method. At worst I’ll completely destroy the router and have to get a new one.

      Any other info would be helpful.


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        What brand/type is the router? Usually the manual will tell you the trick to reset it do defaults.


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          I manged to reset the router awhile ago thanks to the manufacturers reply to my e-mail. Thanks anyway.


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            Re: Removing SpeedTouch 510 router system password

            hello rhino,
            i have the same problem with you. how did you manage to reset the st510's password? i tried everything i could, and the guys at couldn't help me. maybe you can


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              Re: Removing SpeedTouch 510 router system password

              The password can be removed by doing a reset to factory defaults. The information can be obtained from the Oz Cable Guy's great site. The appropriate part has been pasted below.

              "Also, the modem can be returned to factory settings by the following steps:
              Turn modem on. Press power button as soon as the power light flashes green. (It will stay steady for about 6 seconds.)
              As soon as the power light flashes again, press the button again.
              If done correctly, all lights will flash once and the modem will restart

              WARNING!! This will wipe out any configurations you have made in the router.
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                thanks!! it worked.
                i felt that i was in an adventure game solving puzzles for a moment)
                thanks a lot again...