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Cant open port 80!

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  • Cant open port 80!

    I have a speadtouch 500 Home.

    I have sucessfuly used NAT to map all the ports I wanted to my PC excpt from port 80. (http)

    Port 80 is used for the web-interface of my modem?
    Can I change that?

    PS: when I change port 80 I still have access to the web-interface from my intranet but get nothing from internet!

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    Are you able to open port 81 on your computer and tell it to see this as your HTTP port, then you can set the router to receive all traffic from the outside heading to port 80, and divert the flow to your computer's IP address on port 81.

    Once this is done, you will have port 80 web interface on your intranet, and port 80 redirecting traffic to port 81, so you will see your copmputer's web page from the outside world (this works with the zyxel routers, not sure about speedtouch.



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      I think what you will need to do is change the port on which your web interface listens on. Mine allows me to change it to stop people trying to hack it.

      Port forwarding only works from outside in. So you will always see your web config page from the inside.

      See if you can change the port your web config listens on. Then try forwarding port 80 to your PC.

      Hope this helps.
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