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wiring UTP cat3

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  • wiring UTP cat3

    Why is 4-pair wiring UTP cat 3 wiring installed when the advice here that I've seen is to only use 2 pairs?

    thanks for ur time

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    Because the design specs mean the extra wiring helps to filter out interference and other issues.

    Also, it's designed for future upgradability, why did they wire ports with more than 1 pair, because back in 1985, Modems only required 1 pair for them to get their super highspeed 2400 baud to work, but they wired them with 4 pair even back then because they new that deviced would be coming that would utilise the extra cabling, and thus not have to come back and re-cable everything at a high cost.

    It's future planning that sees even Today's Cat5E cabling systems using 4 pair wire, even though 100mbit ethernet only uses a TX and RX pair, leaving 2 pairs free.



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      Gigabit uses all 4 pair.
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