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NAPT and private ip!

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  • NAPT and private ip!

    Pls tell me what it's!

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    Re: NAPT and private ip!

    Originally posted by Muqry
    Pls tell me what it's!
    NAPT - Network Address Port Translation...

    This is used by the router to work out where a packet came from, and where to send the reply packet when it comes back.

    Private IP - Self explanatory

    Private IP's are IP addresses that you cant ping from a computer ont he other side of the planet, such as my IP address on my work computer is a "private IP" and it's (thought I was gunan tell ya, didn't you!!)

    a public IP is something like, this IP you can ping from any computer with internet access (ping is sending a packet request to it, and getting a responce from it within a time-frame). Most LAN's use a private IP setup, and use NAPT or port forwarding to allow a public IP to forward to a server inside the network, that way you can firewall the connection and build a more secure network.

    With my 2 connections, I have ADSL connecting to a router which holds my public IP, and then forwards all the packets to my Private IP's (server and clients), and with my dialup backup account, once I dial into the ISP, my computer is immediately issued a public IP address directly, so now packet forwarding or translation is required.