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Disabling NetBIOS Caused Problem

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  • Disabling NetBIOS Caused Problem

    Thanks for a very informative website. I took your advice in the article on disabling NetBIOS because it sounded logical - , but I have had to resort to listing my computers in the hosts file ever since I did this. They don't even work correctly after re-enabling NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Both computers have XP Pro SP2 - the firewall isn't used because I use Zone Alarm. Each computer is in the other's Trusted Zone in ZA. And, of course, they're on the same workgroup. I use a D-Link DI-614+ router. I've reconfigured the computers to DHCP, uninstalled and reinstalled the adapters on each computer, and reassigned the static IP addresses I have always used. My computer can see my wife's computer by utilizing the hosts file, but I don't like using it. Her computer cannot see mine now even with the hosts file or if I use the IP address to browse. Says it cannot find or recognize my computer. When I ping my computer from it, it recognizes the IP address, but then times out without getting an echo. Do you have any suggestions for getting them to play nicely with each other again?