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Remote connect to network through speedtouch ADSL

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  • Remote connect to network through speedtouch ADSL

    Hi every body
    I have a home network with win XP and Linux boxes + adsl speedtouch 510 v4.2 connected to the same hub
    I am doing some preparations to connect to this network remotely I added one of the machines that was having an apache server to be the default server and went to to see what is the ip by which I am connected to the internet
    I pinged the Ip and found that I was routed to the internal machine
    But when I try to connect to that apache server using mozilla I get operation time out
    I tried with an ip scanner software to check the ports after i set the default server forwarding , I found that it does not find any opened ports. when i remove the default server setting return it to none I see the web interface of the router
    any suggestions

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    Chack any firewalling software (I am assuming here you would have a firewall running), set a rule in the firewall to fully allow your computer to access everything remotely from your IP address, this way you can get all the ports, theoretically no restrictions, and at least some decent security against your server during testing.

    try completely opening the network up and see if this gives you access, and check the access rules on the Apache server as well (long shot)