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  • Repeater

    Hi guys, I need some help overhere.

    I have an old router from bezeq (2Wire) and lately I have received a new one (Simiens SL2-141) which I want to configurate as a repeater for 2Wire, but nothing goes right.
    Siemens has an option on the portal for repeater, I press "scan now" and it finds nothing, I have set both routers on the 6'th channel, even same network id, eliminated all security, there is one station that succesefuly connects to this 2Wire on wireless mode everything seems to be ok, but...
    When I have connected simiens to the internet and ran "scan now" for the repeater it found my 2Wire (does it mean that the option repeater is to deploy a repeater and not to set itself as a repeater?), although "select" check-box is always grade out (maybe since 2wire doesn't support repeater mode).
    Also I have an old Level 1, which I tried to set as a repeater in WDS, but it doesn't work for neither of the routers (simiens and 2wire)-- I enable the bridge, put the MAC address in, eliminated all security, disabled DHCP, as it says in manual, but then it just impossible to connect to it, it wouldn't broadcast IP as per my routers DHCP.
    Please h-e-l-p!
    10x in advance!