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SpeedTouch Home @ Pro - PPP Site empty :/

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  • SpeedTouch Home @ Pro - PPP Site empty :/

    I modified that version number and stuff and now when I go to the PPP site at and select the PPP option I no longer get the "PPP is not available for this product" thing but a pretty deserted page.

    It doesnt have an Add button or anything for PPP connections.
    All that's there is a big "PPP Configuration" sign at the top of the page and the names of the tabs: Name Encap Mode State Status and Action with no buttons anywhere.

    The guide also says I'm supposed to delete all phonebook entries but one of them remained: RELAY_PPP1. It's all yellow and says Status: Configured and there is a "-" instead of the delete button.

    What's wrong there and what can I try to get it all working?

    nevermind, problem solved