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Nat PcAnywhere edimax router cable modem

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  • avivh
    started a topic Nat PcAnywhere edimax router cable modem

    Nat PcAnywhere edimax router cable modem

    hello everyone !
    i need help. i have 3 computers running xp pro.
    they are connected by edimax router that connected to cable modem to 012 kavey zahav by l2tp.
    i enabled Nat so the station getting private ip adresses
    and also enabled the edimax firewall and the xp's firewall on each station.
    i installed all the comp's pcanywhewe 10.5 host .
    now i want to remote control the comp's from outside (internet)
    i configured a port forwarfing to one of the station to ports 5631 and 5632 and i cant remote the him .
    please help

  • avivh
    i will try to connect directly to the modem but i'm sure it will work.
    thanks a lot

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  • Mazda_brian
    I am not familiar with that router, but how is the port forwarding configured?

    I know with some roughters, you need to tell it which port at the other end is being forwarded to as well as what port on the WAN side to look for.

    Also, does the PC anywhere connection work if you open the router right up or connect the computer directly on the cable modem.

    If te cable modem also forwarding the same ports, because the cable modem might be taing the public IP, changing it to a privateip address, then your router is taking the private IP from the cable modem, and changing to another private IP on a new subnet mask.


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