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  • wireless problem


    i have build a wireless network at someone home and i have a duplicate address in 3 computers

    the wireless network was configured like that

    i have level one router model wbr 3048
    the router was conncted to the adsl and here everything was good
    i saw all the details of the isp and the INTERNET was working

    but when i connected a repeater level one wap 0006 in other room is started to have a duplicate address in all the computer

    when i disconnect the repeater then the problem was Disapire.

    in the repeater i switch the option dhcp server to off

    my dhcp server in the router is -
    the message I'm getting is another network is seen and then i have a duplicate ip
    but i cant see what is the duplicate

    can u help me to fix this problem


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    Re: wireless problem

    Can you explain this better?

    Are you saying you have 2 wireless routers receiving on the same network/subnet? Or is the "repeater" just a standard Network Hub - Not Wireless Router?

    If it is 2 wireless routers on the same subnet then you should check the following with your configuration.

    1. ADSL - Connected to Router1 Wan Port
    2. Router1 - Assign DHCP ON
    3. Router1 - DNS ON
    4. Router1 - Assign Local IP Address
    4. Router2 - Connected to Lan Port of Router1 (Please refer to manual as, although rare, some older routers have specific Lan ports for network extending and im not familiar with the model you mentioned below)
    5. Router2 - Configured for Bridge Mode (Not Router Mode)
    6. Router2 - Assign DHCP OFF
    7. Router2 - DNS Router1 Local IP Address ( Think thats right?)
    8. Router2 - Assign Local IP Address (Unique)

    *N.B - Im assuming you made sure both routers have not being assigned the same local IP Address already? That is of course i assumed correctly that you do indeed have two routers!

    Check all that and get back to me..

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      Re: wireless problem


      now i know how to explain the problem better

      i have a router and a repeater

      when the router working alone the network is fine
      but when the repeater is on then i have a message
      that i have a duplicate address with the mac address of the repeater

      i saw it in the event log in the xp

      i checked out in the INTERNET and i found that the problem is from the xp how can i disable this - Gratuitous arp and XP and repeaters

      if you think about somting Else I'll be happy to know how to solve this problem

      thank u for your answer shlomi


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        Re: wireless problem

        Dont know how to disable Gratuitous arp in Win XP, Dont recommend it either. Googled about info on this and this is required to determine conflicts. Something that is always required in a Wireless Network.

        Try just clearing Arp Cache. At the command prompt type "arp -d". Seems to have worked for most people using repeaters.

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          Re: wireless problem

          Be Good to know if this worked? After googl'ing this discovered alot of people with difficulties using repeaters in the home. It seems to work for some. Might let others know if this is the easy solution?