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Konica network copier asking for Login/Password

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  • Konica network copier asking for Login/Password

    I work for a construction company as a network tech. We have a variety of different connections at our sites depending on what our Project managers are willing to pay for. The site I am working on has a DSL connection with an 16 port switch connecting the various computers and network printers. We have a Konica/Minolta 7228 copier connected. I set the copier up with a Fixed IP Address and connected a computer with Windows XP to it. I downloaded the print driver for the Konica 7228 from the Konica/Minolta website. When I tried to print a test page or print a document, it asked me for a login and password. I went to the Web interface for the printer and cannot find anything that allows me to turn off a password. I called the guy who leased us the copier. He was next to useless. Any thoughts on how to fix this problem?

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    Re: Konica network copier asking for Login/Password

    You may like to try the Konica 7228 user manual download. hope it helps!
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      Re: Konica network copier asking for Login/Password

      Call the Konica helpdesk. You may find you will need to setup the password on the Konica control panel and not via the web interface.
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