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  • Alcatel PRO IP Related...

    Hi everybody,
    i have an ADSL Alcatel Pro modem, which i've upgrated,
    two computers with the ip's 10.0.0.x
    the gateway is
    and i have a hub also
    when one of the computers is online the have the same ip,
    something like for example,
    my question is how can i access from the outside to one of the computers, the have the same ip, if i want to open an ftp server, on one of them how do i connect to it, do i have to change the mask 10.0.0.x from class A to C?
    please help, thanx.

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    in this kind of case

    you will need to pinhole your nat/pat on the alcatel router.
    go through the console to the router..
    nat create protocol=tcp inside_addr= inside_port=20 outside_addr=0 outside_port=20
    nat create protocol=tcp inside_addr= inside_port=21 outside_addr=0 outside_port=21
    this two comands
    but in the inside_addr put the ip address of the coomputer that has the ftp server(the internal address)
    this should work.


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      i have the same problem,
      ...but nithing work!

      ...the webserver (port 80) works ONLY great in the lokal network!
      [email protected] the outside-ip nothing work!

      ...i ONLY config nat withrotucol=tcp, inside adress, outside 0, in & outside port 80.

      ...du i need set up a routing-tabel?
      ...or a defserver?

      i hope you can halp! THX! cu


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        roy27787 it wasn't my question...

        roy27787, what you told me is how to open a port for my ftp in the modem, my problem is which ip to use to access the ftp from the outside,
        when i put the ip for example it doesn't know to which one of the 3 pc's i have to go because out of the LAN the all have the same ip,
        and if i enter the ip for example they know this one only in the LAN...
        i need to know how to access from outside the LAN to one of my pc's in the LAN, should i change ip class or something inside the LAN?
        hope you can help...


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          same problem

          we all have the same problem and i sont think that there is a soulothing for that i check the modem and i didnt see ant way to forward the ip adress to the computer.

          am i right?