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Ip Routing with a converted alcatel pro (was home)

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  • Ip Routing with a converted alcatel pro (was home)

    Hello all this is my first post, and ill really love some detailed help.

    Im using a NAT connection on my hacked alcatel pro router.
    The router is connected to a hub thats connected to my computer and another computer in the house.

    The prob is alot of internet related progs like E mule or Bittorrent works very slow, not to mention online games that dont work (like Dawn Of War)
    While i use a PPP (always on) connection.

    When i use the defserver command i can get full access in my computer but then the other computer in the home network is unable to do any internet action...

    I understand i need to route ports directly into my IP, how do i do that?
    Or is there another way? Usually i either use defserver or reconvert my connection to the ptpp connetion.

    Thank You

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    Disable FW, test open ports.

    Hi, I am not sure that your problem can be resolved or is caused by closed or open ports.
    I would suggest disabling the built-in Internal Firewall in the Alcatel modem
    maybe that is your problem and You probably have another better firewall like the Windows XP firewall that comes with Service Pack 2, even the old XP firewall is better then the alcatels, you don't need two firewalls, and anyway this is just for the test. to diable the firewall you have to telnet the modem, if you made it a router then you probably know how to do that. the enter "IP CONFIG FIREWALLING OFF" (without the quotes).
    By the way there is one question before you do all that, when you use the DEFSERVER command and route everything to one computer, do all the applications and games run well on that computer?


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      I already disabled both firewall (both the internal buildin firewall of the modem and the SP2 firewall).
      And when i use defserver all works great.

      I just recalled, i dont know if it matters but i use the DNS adresses from my ISP website as the settings in my "Local Area Connection".

      Thank you


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        the hacked alcatel firewall, is not a regular firewall, and all it does is protect the router from outside attacks, keep it ON.

        what u need to do is forward port in the alcatel modem to the correct computer.

        each game and program has documentation of what ports it uses , what type of ports, and they can be changed.

        if a program cannot be changed, and needs an incoming open port, you will only be able to set it up to work on one computer
        -- ToR911 --