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Using a wireless router with Virgin Cable

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  • Using a wireless router with Virgin Cable

    I am trying to set up a wireless router - SpeedTouch 585(i) v6 to use with my Virgin Cable broadband.

    If i hardwire the router using an ethernet cable, everything works fine. However, I am unable to get things working if i only use the wireless (speedTouch 121) option.

    Can anyone help?????



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    Re: Using a wireless router with Virgin Cable

    Oh, so much information about your setup, I don't know where to begin. Actually I do. How about provideing a L O T more info about your setup like.......

    Country (so someone familiar with Virgin cable from your location can assist)
    All the hardware involved (cable modem???)
    Software (operating system etc)
    How the devices are connected (which ports are used like WAN or LAN port)
    A drawing (posted in JPG format) if you think it might help describe your setup
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