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retrive alcatel home /pro speedtouch

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  • retrive alcatel home /pro speedtouch

    4-5 years ago i upgraded my adsl modem from home to pro.
    now i'm need to get it back to be home.
    and i've got 2 question :
    1. how can i found out what version of software i hade before i upgrade it ? (it was a long time ago ...)- was it 8604 or 8704 ?
    2. how can i retrive the password (by my mac address) ? all of the sites and the script are giving me worng password?
    it would be helpful if you'll help me please.
    have a nice week.

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    Re: retrive alcatel home /pro speedtouch

    just converted mine, mine is 8606 and you can go to this website where i got all my info from


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      Re: retrive alcatel home /pro speedtouch

      i mean you have to change it back to 8604


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        Re: retrive alcatel home /pro speedtouch

        See if this article helps. There are other links in the article to other sites with helpful info.

        With the price of Modem/routers now days, why do you want to expend the effort of converting this old device back to a Home version? There is also a big chance you will brick it if the process goes wrong making it totally useless.
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