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Need help configure Alcatrl 510 with GrandStream

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  • Need help configure Alcatrl 510 with GrandStream

    Need help configure Alcatrl 510 with GrandStream Handy tone 486.

    thank you

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    I had slight trouble interpretting what you meant in your post...

    You have an "Alcatel 510 router", is this correct?

    You are trying to get it configured to be used on a 486 computer, is this also correct?

    In Configuring the router, I am not sure what documentation you have received with the router, but the link below links to a configuration guide for an Alcatel 510 router, have a read over this and see if you can understand it.

    As for connecting to a 486 (if this infact the case) you will find that your internet speeds will be slowed dramatically by the processing power of the computer, if it's anything less than a 486 DX2/66mhz PC, then your chances of success are rather slim.

    What Specs is your PC (ie, how much RAM, what CPU Speed, how much hard drive), and what are your software specs (ie, Which Operating System, what browser type, are you going to be using firewalling sotware, or Antivirus software and if so, what type, etc).

    I strongly suggest with ANY broadband connection that both Firewall software and Antivirus software be used, as broadband is an 'always on' type connection, and thus if your computer is turned on, it's a target for viruses and hackers.

    With regards to firewalls, there are several freeware packages, such as zonealarm (this can be found with google), and with regards to Antivirus, I strongly suggest a package that auto-updates it's definitions, new viruses are created every second of every day (about 4,000 variants of viruses will have found their way onto the net before I finish this post), and if you dont auto-update, then you will quickly become weak against protection of these viruses.

    As for the 486 PC, I would also suggest looking for an upgrade to something with a little bit more power, at the least a Pentium 166MMX, or even a Pentium 2-300khz PC would be a good start.

    Regards, B.