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Need your advise for some strange networking speed problem

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  • Need your advise for some strange networking speed problem

    I was wondering if you could advise me for a networking speed problem we have encounter in our company web services. Let me briefly describe what is our problem about.

    We are running a huge thin-client IE (Internet Explorer) Web application delivered from our server farm located at PSINet hosting.
    We have 3 front load-balanced Windows 2000 IIS 5 Web servers, and additional back-end Windows 2000 as the file server, all located at switched LAN. (Load balancing is made using a dedicated appliance rather than Windows 2000 services)
    We have a strange performances issue with downloading files.
    At the regular status, files are downloaded from any of the Web servers using the IE interface, while the actual file is brought from the back-end file server - "regular way". Web server is mapped to the back-end server using UNC mapping. All communication is TCP/IP.

    Strangely, while putting the file on the Web server itself, performances are higher multiple three times - "alternative way".
    For example, while downloading files from remote Internet site we have;
    An average of 28KB stream at the "regular way".
    An average of 70KB stream at the "alternative way".

    Obviously the local LAN is much more faster from the Internet channel.
    So I wonder how can such difference appears in our Web connection? Where is the bottleneck rises?

    I will provide you with any additional information that is required.

    Hope you could advise on this matter.
    Thank you in advanced,