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Connecting a new computer

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  • Connecting a new computer

    I'm trying to connect a new computer (Windows XP home SP1) to my network. Network is based on a Dlink 624 connected to a 3Com hub. When connecting the new computer directly to the 624 (NOT via wireless), it sees the local net and can connect to the internet. Once the computer is connected through the hub, it doesn't see the network. I have two other machines connected to the 3Com and all works fine. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...

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    Check the Hub's port your trying to connect to, swap one of the known working computers to this port to test that the port is not at fault.

    If the working computer fails on the port, you know exactly where to problem is, if the working computer works on the other port, then it's something else, which I will attempt to address if the port works.