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"reconnect" with DHCP spoofing

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  • "reconnect" with DHCP spoofing

    I have configured my Alcatel SpeedTouch Pro for DHCP spoofing according to the manual on the site and everything works fine.
    The only problems is when the ADSL goes out of sync and the line drops. In this case the modem will send a DHCPNACK message to the PC and the network card will loose it's previous IP address.
    This all could have been perfect except that windows will just log this message in the system log and will not try to receive a new IP address. The result of this is that the PC remains disconnected untill I manually issue an IPCONFIG /release and /renew.

    Is this a normal behaviour of the DHCP spoofing configuration?
    Is there a way to configure windows to ask for a new IP address if it has received the DHCPNAK message?
    Maybe someone is familiar with a utility that can run a program if the connection drops?