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Alcatel ST510 direct connection

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  • Alcatel ST510 direct connection


    A long time ago I upgraded my alcatel ST home to pro and configured it to be "always connected" as described in this site.

    Recently, a friend got the ST 510 and he wishes to do the same and I can't seem to help him.
    He did run the setup program supplied with the modem. From it, it seems the modem comes pre-configured with the common israeli ISPs. I can only guess that the dialer program just provides the modem with the user name and password.

    Questions are:
    Is it at all possible to configure the 510 to be always on so that several computers can access the internet with no need for a dialer (obviously assuming it is on a hub/switch)?
    What is the procedure for this?

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    Just set the connection type to "always on" and it should work (it's all in the manual).