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Need Help With Network Connection Problem

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  • Need Help With Network Connection Problem

    I am no longer able to enable or disable the Local Area Connection (or 1394 Connection) via Start > Settings > Network Connections and then selecting 'enable' or 'disable' in the right click menu. This has previously worked. (I can enable/diasable either connection ONLY via Device Manager (Win XP-Pro SP1).

    I get an error message: Error Disabling Connection.
    "It is not possible to disable the connection at this time. This connection may be using one or more protocols that do not support Plug-and-Play, or it may have been initiated by another user or by the system account."

    I have 'uninstalled' both controllers (via Device Manager) and removed the BIOS and h/w card. In addition, I have also removed the Registry 'CurrentControlSet' and 'ControlSet001/002' entries. Upon reinstalling either or both controllers the problem persists.

    This problem started a couple of weeks ago after I removed HP s/w for a new printer inorder to install an updated HP s/w version. The new HP printer (7960) is a USB device.

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    Can you restore to a point before you removed the initial software and fix the 1394 problem?
    Do you have to uninstall the first software to be able to install the 7960 software? Can you try just installing the 7960 and see if that will upgrade/remove the old stuff?
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      First, the affected connections are the 1394 card AND the integrated NIC --both have the same problem.

      As for the printer s/w the original s/w packaged with the printer was initially installed and then removed after several days and updated s/w was installed via a recently received CD. At the time the printer (USB Plug-n-Play) was the only new h/w or s/w. Subsequent to installing the updated printer s/w I recognized the existence of the problem.

      Rolling back to a Restore Point prior to the problem may be problematic in itself. Since it would be to a point over 2 1/2 weeks ago. In the ensuing time, I have installed several (3 or 4) Windows updates of which I believe at least 1 in not removable via Add/Remove. I have also updated Office XP to SP3 which is not removable. I am concerned about the corruption that might occur if update code remains while pointers/registry/.dll changes, tracked by the numerous intervening Restore Points, are rolled back.

      Is there a way to disable or 'reset' Plug-n-Play??


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        can you list the protocols installed on these services please.

        It sounds like a non-standard protocol has found it way onto the list, which is stopping the services from being disabled.



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          Both show the same 2 enabled protocols -
          (Start > Settings > Network Connections and then selecting 'Properties')
          QoS Packet Scheduler
          Internet Protocol TCP/IP

          Please elaborate if this is not the info you wanted.


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            Those are the Protocols I was thinking of, but those are both MS standard protocols, and shouldn't effect the enable and disable of the LAN device.

            What type of NIC (Network Interface Card) are you using, is it an Intel with 3rd party controlling software (software that sits in the task bar near the clock that allows live config of the card without the control panel)?

            I have seen similar twice before, once was a protocl that was installed for a VoIP connection, as the system was being used as a multi-port gateway for VoIP connections, removing this non-standard protocol gave the Administrator full control of the NIC again.

            The 2nd time I saw this was with an Intel Pro Server NIC, which used Intel's 3rd part software to control the properties of the NIC such as speed, duplex, load balancing, speed balancing, etc, and once this software was un-installed, the control was given back to the primary windows driver and again, the Administrator was able to control the NIC through control panel again.

            Can you also email me a screen shot of your NIC adapter (send me a message for my email address).

            Cheers, B.