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wireless card error 10

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  • wireless card error 10

    Hello I have two hp pcs where the wireless card has an error 10 message This device cannot start. Have unistalled and reinstalled the updated drivers. Changed the permissions on the pci card within regedit. Took out the wireless card and cleaned the wireless card. reimaged the PC with a fresh copy of XP. Anyone got any ideas?

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    Re: wireless card error 10

    Have you tried a new wireless card in the PC. Sounds like the only thing you haven't tried. Perhaps it could be faulty.

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      Re: wireless card error 10
      1. Are these 2 different wireless NICs or 2 workstations?
      2. What is the make/model mysterious wireless NIC?
      3. Have you tried it in a different PCI slot?
      4. Have you tried restarting the Wireless Zero Configuration service?
      5. Are you using the Wireless Zero Configuration service or the feature that came with the mystery NIC?
      6. Where is the error 10 message originating?

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        Re: wireless card error 10

        thanks for the replies,

        They are two different laptops one a hp nc 6000 the other a hp nc4010. They both have the same wireless card a hp wlan802.11b/g w400. the error code pops appears in device manager within device status of the wireless card. Have tried restarting the wireless zeroconfiguration within windows xp. The wireless cards are built into the PC and not in the removable pci slots. Unable to test with a different wireless card.




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          Re: wireless card error 10


          You say you have re-installed XP - do you need to install any software from HP? Does everything else work, you say it is part of the chipset.