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Making the Speed Touch Pro a router using ATM service

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  • Making the Speed Touch Pro a router using ATM service

    Hello guys, this is my first post and I don't know much about ADSL / networking, etc, so I apologize for any mistake I make.

    I have a Speed Touch Home ADSL modem (upgraded to PRO). I use an ADSL service that has an internal ATM network, and my modem is configured as a bridge. There's no dialing in this service, even my IP is fixed there, they don't have DHCP! I don't know what kind of connection I'm using in the modem: PPP, PPTP, etc.. I just don't know.

    All I know is that I just need to configure a bridge in the modem, put the correct IP, Mask and Gateway on my computer and it works.

    Internally, in my network, I have a machine just to do the NAT thing. I configure the IP address the provider gave me on this machine, and then configure all others to use it as the gateway. All work well.

    Now I would like to remove this machine and use the modem itself to do all the routing work, with a switch that will connect all my LAN machines to the modem.

    I don't want the ISP IP in my network, I want my modem to have the ISP IP, and also an IP of my LAN, so that it can route stuff between both networks.

    Do you guys know if it's possible to do that? I tried many configurations, enabling PPP, PPTP, and some other things I saw in the internet, but none worked, I can only make it work as a bridge.

    I hope someone has an answer for me. Many thanks in advance!