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Running Cat5e Lines from one floor to another

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  • Running Cat5e Lines from one floor to another

    I have a simple question. I am using 295 feet of Cat5e unshielded pair to run through the downstairs offices. It's runned through the ceiling and i've noticed that most of the other wiring are also unshielded cat5 or cat5e. I have noticed some disconnections on some of the computers in the downstairs office from our mapped drive on our server upstairs. Is this caused by noise from power lines? I thought that Cat5e is immuned to that due to the twists.

    Also fyi....I have two HP 48port switches that do have 2 gigabit ports installed. I attached that line going downstairs to the gigabit ports.

    Let me know what u think

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    Cat5 is relatively unaffected by EMI produced by power lines when run perpendicular no parallel runs. In ceilings you need to be worried about lighting. Unshielded cabling will have problems when run too close to florescent lighting because it emits RF. The interference from florescent lights is most noticeable at 100Mbs+. The network connection will randomly drop and at times still work, but will appear much slower than 10Mbs.

    To be safe, do your best to route unshielded cabling away from florescent lights and power lines. A good rule is 5ft away from power or lighting, if you don't have space to do this you should consider shielded cabling.

    How closely coupled are your power lines?

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      thanks for the response. I did keep the cat5e away from the lighting.. about 3 feet away.. not 5 feet. that's as much room as i can get. i'm not sure how much the power lines are coupled but i will probably need to rewire using shielded just in case. thanks for the advise


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        How long is your longest runs, and do you have any kinks or knots in the runs?

        Cat5 and Cat5e cable is only really designed to run a maximum of 105 meters before requiring a booster, but this is under extremely optimal conditions, otherwise you will get rought 60 - 75 meters (approx 240 feet).

        For extremely long runs, your best of getting a dual fibre channel run from 1 floor to another, and hooking up a fibre channel on the 2 switchs to share this connection out.

        Regards, B.