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"Invalid file uploaded : too short" error while up

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  • "Invalid file uploaded : too short" error while up

    Hi everyone , i am trying to upgrade my Alcatel from Pro version to 510 ...
    The problem is that every time i 'm trying to upload the GV8BAA3.721 file i recive the same annoying error : Invalid file uploaded : too short .

    I search google , and here as well but i didn't found any solutions yet ....
    I tried to upload the file via ftp client .. in binery mode ... the upload went well , i did saw the file inside the DL dir ... but i wasn't able to upload it from the browser ....

    The funny thing is that each time i restarted the modem , the GV8BAA3.281 file went back as the passive version .... it's unnecessary to add that i did REMOVE PASSIVE and also run the cleanup command ...
    What else can i try ? maybe i should downgrade it back to home and than start all over ?
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    Try downgrading to the previous firmware, and then try again.

    It sounds like the firmware you are trying to upgrade to has been corrupted somewhere, maybe also try to re-doanload the firmware and have another look at the file specs, if the site lists the size and dates, compare them before attempting the upload, it's not uncommon for a file to loose or gain a byte or 2, or get altered in some other form, which the modem has probably picked up and decided to error on.

    Regards, B.