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Using the Alcatel Modem with 192.168.0.x IP

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  • Using the Alcatel Modem with 192.168.0.x IP

    I'm using the Alcatel modem with PRO definition. I have 2 Computers whitch all connected to switch (Include the Modem).
    When trying to connect to my office using Checkpoint VPN - The support team told me that I need to change the IP of all my computers to 192.... and not 10.....

    What should I Do with the Modem.
    I know how to change to PC's IP

    Need your HELP ASAP


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    If you give me the precies model, I can take a look and try to explain it to you...

    The reason why the support team advises you to change is probably due the configuration in your office. There are just a few IP ranges that are permitted to use in internal networks. This means that those IP's may not be used on the internet itself, otherwise there would be a huge problem.

    Now I know that in some cases this can cause troubles when you have on your home network the same range as in the office when working with VPN. Thus indeed it looks that the answer given by the support team is 100% correct.

    I'll keep an eye on your post, if I know what you have I can check for info and try to explain it to you....

    Good technicians / scripters don't know everything, they just know where to look for the answer.


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      Help with IP 192.....

      On the front there is "Alcater HOME" the same as you mention in your article from HOME to PRO.

      There are so many good articles in your site - to so many kind of configurations - so I don't know where to look.

      I think that if I'll change my 2 computers and the modem ip to 192...
      This may solve the problem.

      But how do I add or change the Modem IP ?



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        VPN with Alcatel

        My Alcatel Home modem is switched to Pro mode, using the default IP.
        the two computers have an IP in the 10.0.0.x range, but my VPN client gives me a different IP suitable to the network I'm connecting to.
        We use the Cisco VPN client. maybe you should look into it, or check it out with your office's support team.

        I would be happy to know of a way to change the Modem's IP anyway.


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          My Q is simple - How to change my modem IP to

          Can Someone help with this


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            Changing IP address of ALCATEL

            The operation is very easy :

            - conect to the modem (normally on IP; your PC IP must be on same grid, example
            - enter the password, when asked.
            - when you get the welcome screen, select "initial setup"
            - in IP Address field type the IP address you want for your modem (example sub net This adress will be your default gateway address
            - select apply / save all
            - from now on, you loose connection (because your PC is not on the same IP grid)
            - to reconnect to modem change the IP of your computer manually to, sub net
            - disable/enable your network connection; check that PC IP is ("ipconfig / all" in a DOS window)
            - then you can reconnect ti your modem to continue settings
            - change the DHCP addres range so that the modem distributes IP addresses in range that is compatible with your application

            PS : my modem is set with this IP and works perfectly; it gives IP addresses to any PC whic is connected.

            Good luck